Friday, February 27, 2009

I got 3 done instead of two! YAY!

Well- as I promised I said I would show you two projects I was finishing, and I decided to do a third one while I was down there. When the kiddo is playing well- it's time to take full advantage! So- there are two of them for the daring cardmakers blogs. One is last weeks dare to include a fish or a frog into your card. This weeks challenge is to incorporate circles into your card. I think I will be doing a few of these! I also did an anniversary card. I made all of these with my cricut expression. The two cartridges I used were Planin Schoolbook and Potpourri Basket. It's fun! I have to say- its nice to have my craft stuff set up in a specific area where I don't have to constantly set up and take down.


  1. What a fab array of cards. I can see you are enjoying your special space. thanks for playing along with DCM

  2. Fab cards, thanks for playing along. :)


  3. Lovely cards - you've been soooo busy haven't you?!