Thursday, July 9, 2009

Not much for today...

(The above picture was taken a while back... I still smile everytime I see it! :))

I apologize for not getting any creations up to show all of you today! My husband had a minor surgery done today- so I've been tending to his needs.

I have been working on my project for one of the challenges that requires birds. I've been walking by it alot today- adding a bit to it here and there- so hopefully tomorrow I can get it on for all of you to see! :)

I see so many sketches that I can add to my challenges for the week! I can't promise I'll have anything posted on Saturday- it all depends on what the day holds!

I need to send out a congratulations to my friend Amber and her fiance Ben to their newest addition to their family! Welcome to the world Brayden Benjamin Schmidt! The family is home and doing well!

Thanks to all of my supporters and followers! I have been so happy to see the counter go up daily with almost 100 hits or more a day! That's great! I also have been gaining more and more followers as well! Thank you all for that! It makes me feel like doing this blog is actually getting somewhere! :)

Well- enough rambling on for now! Hopefully I'll have some for you tomorrow to admire or give some constructive criticism! I'm open for anything!

Happy Thursday!

1 comment:

  1. What an AMAZING picture...
    I can imagine you have to smile every time you see it :D

    Hugs Anja

    PS send out your stamped images on Saturday :)