Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thinking of you card

I think this may be my last card/project for the day. When you are 9 months pregnant and staring at paper most of the day- it gets a bit tiring! This project is the Mojo Monday Challenge. I love following the Mojo Monday Blog. If you get a chance- check it out! They have great ideas to get your mojo flowing! I made this thinking of you card, and really like it. I like the color scheme I have. I used a card from the Wild Card cartridge, stickles, ribbon, and some fabric flowers that I had. I also had some extra cuts from previous cricut cuts that I used in it too. I think I know the perfect person to get this card!


  1. This is so pretty Jennifer. How are you keeping?
    Enfys x

  2. Ready for baby! Due the 24th of July, but hoping to be induced the 15th. If all goes well! I will be sure to post pictures when the little bundle of joy arrives!

  3. Very lovely card... I've put it on the wildcard thread... hope you don't mind ;)

    Can't wait to see the pictures of your little bundle of joy :D

    Hugs Anja