Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tonight is the night!

Well- to keep you all posted- tonight at midnight is when I will be induced! So for sure by tomorrow there will be another baby in our family! We pray that all will go well! Any extra prayers are more than appreciated! We do not know what we are having- so it will be either a Brittany AnnMarie or a Brandon Donald.

As far as the creative aspect... I've been working to get the chipboard album ready for when the baby comes- so I can just put pictures in and start showing them off! It's for the new baby! I hope they will appreciate it when they are older!

I am using a paper glaze on it- which is a new thing I've been using! I hope it turns out how I envision!

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  1. Hi Jen :o) I hope all is well with you and your baby! We're looking forward to seeing pictures .... hopefully soon!

    I've left a little pressie for you on my blog.

    Teri xxx