Thursday, September 10, 2009


Sorry it's been so long! I've been one busy woman! I'm working on swaps for the Cricut MB! I am ADDICTED to that! I have committed myself to 12 swaps! I really enjoy it! I have 2 of them done- and hopefully will be done with the next one tonight! I have to create 6 of the same layout- here's what I made for this one! I think it gets the point across!

I used the Alphalicious with Design Studio and Stretch Your Imagination Cartridges for this layout.

Feedback is greatly appreciated!


  1. very nice - love the colors. I am in the swap as well. I have the "fall" theme. Yes - swaps can be addicting --- I found them a month or so ago and have 5 or 6 I committed to. Yikes.

  2. Love the layout! Thanks for sharing with us!