Friday, June 4, 2010

Anyone else have this problem?

I have a Fiskars seal of approval punch- the 2 inch scallop circle, and had it for roughly two weeks... I emailed the corperation with this:

Hello to whom it may concern;

My name is Jennifer Young. I do a lot of crafting with your products, and just recently purchased a 2 inch seal of approval punch. I have had it for two weeks, and love it. My only problem is that now one of the handles is cracking, so even on the thinnest paper, it is very hard to punch. If I keep punching it, it will eventually crack all the way through. To pay $23.00 for something like that, I would expect it to last longer than 2 weeks. I no longer have the reciept from the store, and if I did, I opened it and used it, so they will not take it back. Please tell me there is something you can do on your end. I really would appreciate a prompt response. To see that I am an avid crafter, please visit my blog...

Thank you for your time.


Jennifer Young
We shall see what happens... Anyone else have this problem???


  1. I also use a lot of Fiskars punches. My diamond border punch recently cracked and broke off at the hinge making the punch useless. I have not yet contacted Fiskars but am hoping they will resolve this issue. They supposedly have a lifetime warranty. We'll see.

  2. Fiskars stuff is known for low quality, unfortunatelly =( Punches get out of order very soon. I have doubts whether they will answer anything, but good luck anyway!!!