Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Craft room up! Still needs fine tuning...

Well- here are some pictures of the room from beginning to almost the end. I have some fine tuning to do yet- especially when I start working on stuff down there. Its nothing fancy- but it's the space I need to get the job done! I posted the pictures backwards- so the one on the bottom is the beginning, and the one on the top is the end. Sorry for the confusion! Still understanding this blog stuff yet!

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  1. Hi Jen!

    This is Tammy from the Limelights! I love seeing other people's crop spaces... soon home builders will be adding more craft rooms instead of gamerooms or media rooms... hehehe. I, too, have taken over a room in our home for my 'studio'. It was originally suppose to be the gameroom... but my family unanimously voted to give it to me for my space! I'm so lucky! Your space looks nice & roomy, don't be afraid to add some more color in there... let your personality come through! And remember to display some of your creations on a shelf or the wall or something. Being surrounded by things you love or things you have made will really keep those creative juices flowing! Have fun!