Monday, February 23, 2009

First Day on- bear with me!

Hello all! Thank you for visiting my blog! I decided to get into this because I love crafting and blogging... What a perfect way to combine the two! I will definately be revamping as soon as I learn a little more about all of this! I've always wanted to do this- but never found out how.

First- I should introduce myself.

My name is Jen Young. I live in Plymouth, WI. I just recently got into craft shows because I love scrapbooking, card making and other paper crafts. I have two beautiful children and another on the way. Cassie is going to be 7 in March of 2009, and Alex just turned 1 year in January 2009. My husband Adam is very supportive of my crafts, and thinks I should charge each item on how long it takes me to make. Maybe someday- but first I need some followers! :)

I have always wanted to have a scrapbooking get together at my house. I'm always afraid it may not turn how I want it to. I guess I can't knock it til I try it.

Well- if anyone has any questions or comments- leave a comment and I will do my best to answer! Thanks for the support!

PS- I am going to try to get a guestbook started... If you see one- please sign it! Even if you are just passing by! That way I know whether or not this blog is worth my time- or even yours! Thank You!


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