Sunday, March 29, 2009

What a disappointment!

Yesterday was the first craft show of 2009 for me, and boy was it BRUTAL! We had lots of people browsing- but not many buyers. My mom and my aunt also shared the booth with me, so they could sell their crafts too. It looks like the economy is really putting us crafters/vendors in a hard position! I sold 2 blank cards and a set of gift tags. My mother sold 1 candle, and my aunt had the better results than we did. She crochets, and had LOTS to choose from. She sold some dish towels, baby bibs, and some slippers. I hope the next craft show on April 18th does MUCH better. I think I will start to get discouraged otherwise! This week I would like to work on making some "squash books." I am hopeful of them, and think they will be a great addition to the things I sell at my craft events! I will keep you all posted when I finish one! I will be trying to be green with them and using recycled cereal boxes for the fronts and backs. It could be successful! (See- I am trying to be optimistic!)


  1. Hi Jennifer! I just found your blog. I'm from WI also! A little further south than you though, I'm in Colgate. I've been thinking about selling at craft fairs, so I'm disappointed to hear that yours didn't go well. Can you give me any information on the fair, where was it, how much $ for the booth? how big was the booth, what types of things did you have to sell, how many of each item and how big was the variety of items. Also, any pricing suggestions? Also, how did you handle payment? Cash? Checks? Credit Cards? Any suggestions would be most helpful. I'm hoping to have a variety of things to start with at least one craft fair by Oct/November-ish. I'm thinking that I might look for a fair in the Milwaukee/Brookfield/Waukesha area. I'm sort of intimidated by the thought of it -- Acutallyk, I TERRIFIED by the thought of it LOL. How did you find out about the craft fair and how did you make contact with the organizer to get started? Also, how did you display items for sale? I guess it depends on what type of items you are selling, but any help would be appreciated. Do you have any pictures of your booth? Thanks so much! I appreciate your help. GailHeinecke

  2. Gail I will email you right now- I apologize for the wait!