Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Baskets

Sorry, to post this late, but this past weekend has been super duper busy! I made these baskets on Friday and this is the first chance I've had to post them! I hope you all had a fantastic Easter! We sure did! If there wouldn't have been such a wind, the weather would have been PERFECT!!!

Well, lets get on with the Easter Baskets, shall we?

Items used to make 1 basket:
1 12x12 sheet cardstock
1 2x12 inch piece of cardstock
1 12 inch piece of grosgrain ribbon
ATG gun
MS Scoreboard

Score the 12x12 sheet at 4 and at 8 inches, rotate sheet and do again at 4 inches and 8 inches. Then fold all lines inward. You will need to make the corners shaped into triangles and adhere to the sides. Take the 2x12 sheet of cardstock and score at 1 inch. Fold in half, take atg gun and put one strip of adhesive down the center of the handle. Adhere the ribbon to the center of the adhesive. Take the handle and put adhesive strips on each end of the handle and place inside one of the folds, and adhere the fold to the handle. It sounds much more difficult than it is when you sit down to do it.
Comments are greatly appreciated!!!

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