Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Elections are OVER!!!

Hello all! I have to say, I am HAPPY to admit that the elections are over! So glad I dont have to see anymore campaign commericals on TV bashing one another! WHEW!

On another note, I want to mention that I will be in a blog hop for Veterans day! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for my November 11th post! I will be doing a giveaway, AND so will about 20 other crafty bloggers as well! This blog hop is to show honor and respect to our servicemen and women. Everyone will have a project they created in honor of Veterans Day.

I haven't made my project yet... still thinking on it, while fighting Bronchitis. NOT FUN! :( Hoping this passes soon, because I am ITCHING to get into my craft room, but coughing up a lung or two isnt gonna be very helpful while crafting!

Have a great Wednesday, and I'll be sure to remind you again about this blog hop we have coming up!

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